Thursday, July 31, 2008

It's Been Too Long... you can tell since my last post it's been nearly 2 months. They say time flys when you're having fun...and boy do I wish that was the case...except for the past few weeks. Basically the middle part of July has been a total BLAST. But up to that point it's been over the top crazy. Here's a quick run down of the events since Mother's Day.

My Birthday - Nothing Special...just still trying to hold onto 39 for one more year..Ha Ha!

Then school got out and it was on to a crazy summer (which unfortunately is now almost over).

Memorial Day Weekend Trellany and Trennon went on our STAKE EXODUS & what a
tremendous experience that was for them.

The middle of June was 'GIRLS CAMP' and that is ALWAYS one of the highlights of the year for me. This year our theme was 'HEARTS & SOULS UNDER CONSTRUCTION' and we went to 'Showlow, Arizona'. It was beautiful weather, a great campsite 'Moylen's Pond' where the girls got to play, swing on swing sets that went over the pond, swim and just have a total blast.
One of the activities was a 'Engineering Inspection' (what we called our HIKE). I must preface before the next part that as long as I've been going to girls camp (6 years now) I've only been on one Hike that went right. But this Hike will definetly be one that will be remembered for a very long time.

Not long before the Exodus we found out that Trellany had a stress fracture in her left knee (the knee that had the surgery back in December) the Doctor told us that she had to stop everything and do nothing for the next 6 weeks except for walking otherwise her leg might snap in half and that would be a (quote from the Doctor a 'catastrophic disaster'). Well the Exodus was only 10 days later and we were like there's no way. But the Stake leaders made great exceptions and insured me that she would stay at camp and only walk and so she went. Well then a week and a half later we leave for Girls Camp. Our Hike was only to be a light trial walk. Our Hike ended up climbing up and over the dried up River Bed of boulders only to come to the end and hike up and over this mini mountain that ended up with another mini cliff to climb up to finally get to the road. Needless to say I was an absolute disaster worried about how we were going to get Trellany up and out of this precarious situation we managed to get into. Never once did she complain (but for those of you who know Trellany...that's Trellany) but thanks to a lot of prayers and two sweet angels (her two best friends Courtney and Olivia) they came to her side and literally never let her go until she was up and out of the Hike and back safe on flat land. It truly was an incredible experience and I know that our Heavenly Father was watching out for all of us on that wonderful day

The rest of Girls
Camp was a total blast with the last day watching the young women and even some of the leaders learn how to 'Repel' it was AMAZING.

Trennon and Bromley
went off to Young Men's Camp the same week Trell and I were at Girls Camp. The only thing is they went to San Diego, California and spent a week on the Navy Base and attended the San Diego Padres game. They got to stay on the base and see how helicopters and jets are built and then they even got to ride on one of the Navy Cargo ships and visit one of the aircraft carriers that is stationed at the base. But I think the biggest rush was when they all got to climb into the cockpit of one of the fighter jets and pretend to be a 'Top Gun' pilot.

Well that catches us up...more later on our crazy Beach trip to with 7 Teenagers and Bromley. I must be CRAZY!!...but love my children with all my heart and I'm hoping the memories I'm creating for them will carry them through this insane road of life we all live on.

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