Saturday, April 19, 2008

Trennon's Full Tribute - Slide Show for His Eagle

Trennon worked hard and advanced very quickly and within a few years he was ready to choose his ‘Eagle’ project. We wanted his project to be something of meaning and something that would help others. Our family has been blessed with a sweet spirit sent from Heavenly Father…his name is CJ Udall. CJ was born with Down Syndrome and is Trennon’s cousin. After talking with CJ’s Mom…Trennon learned there was a special need to provide ‘Sensory Tables’ to families who have been blessed with these special children. Trennon took on this project with great passion and conviction. Trennon not only wanted to help a few families but many. He choose to build 20 (Twenty) of these ‘Sensory Tables’ which help Down Syndrome Children learn by applying their senses of taste, touch, smell etc. The Tables are filled with various items such as Rice, Beans, Water, and other products. Trennon directed his friends and colleagues and built the 20 tables. He then presented them at the annual ‘Buddy Walk’ held in downtown Tempe by the Down Syndrome Network. The ‘Sensory Tables’ were then given to 20 families who would benefit from the use of these tables. Trennon then went one step further and also raised $750 in monetary donations that went directly to the Down Syndrome Network to help with research and development of this genetic disorder.

For those who would like to see Trennon's FULL version of his Eagle Project here it is.

Trennon's Eagle Court of Honor

What an amazing night for Trennon. Trennon received his Eagle rank in the Boy Scouts of America - March 22, 2007. It took us a year to finally hold his EAGLE COURT OF HONOR...but I think it was worth the wait.

Check it out:

Scrapbook Convention

My Mom and I along with our good friend Pam attending the CKC Scrapbook Convention yesterday. Although I do most of my scrapping digitally was still fun to see some of the new ideas.

We were able to participate in some of the classes. I think my favorite was 'Recipe' by Lickety Split. We were able to make the cutest 'Board Book' that will allow us to put any type of Recipe's you want (Quotes, Friends, Success) or actual Recipes - hey now that might be a concept to most of us...since most of us either do drive through for meals, packaged prep'd foods or use the frozen food isle at the grocery store. It was a really fun project and I'm excited to complete it. Just haven't decided what kind of 'Recipe' book I'm going to create yet. Maybe I'll put all my favorite recipe's from my Mom...she is an absolutely AMAZING cook and that would be really fun to have as a keepsake.

Speaking of my beautiful Mommy...this photo is Mom, Pam and I in our 'ALL STACKED UP' class where we created home decor blocks. These are really great and they gave us some neat ideas. One idea I love'd was since the blocks have 18 sides giving them as a graduation gift to your child, niece, nephew etc., of their first 18 years of a picture from one year old to eighteen years (maybe senior picture) what a great gift. And they were really easy to do.

The last project we completed for the night was 'LIVE, LAUGH & LOVE' This was really cute..we love'd the paper and can't wait to get it finished and hung on the wall. Overall it was a really fun day. I love hanging with my Mom and Pam...they are a riot.

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