Friday, February 20, 2009

Congratulations Trennon - You ROCK!!

You are looking at the 'newest' Varsity Boys Volleyball Team member at Gilbert High. Yes...Trennon about gave me a 'car wreck' when I picked him up from Volleyball practice on Tuesday. 

Let me back track a little.  Last week was the Gilbert High Boys Volleyball tryouts.  Trennon played last year (his Freshman year) on the JV team and fell in love with Volleyball.  I think it runs in the family...LOL!!  So he made a goal after last years season to work really hard and try to make 'Varsity' this year.  We knew it was a long shot as competition is fierce at Gilbert High but we also knew that with hard work, determination and the will to succeed Trennon would do his best to achieve his goal. 

After his school season...he knew it was going to be a tough road but one that he was definitely up for the challenge.  He put in a lot of extra training with a 'sports specialist' that helped build his vertical skills, participated in a 16 week in home DVD training and attended the BYU Volleyball training camp this summer.  It all paid off because this fall (when the Boys Club Volleyball season starts) he made the 'Molten 16-1' team and really excelled. They all went on to win the Region under the direction of coach Jesse and Austin who were the defending champs.  The 16-1's were proud to bring home the Regional Championship again for Coach Jesse and Austin.

Last Friday the Varsity Coach asked (5) of the JV boys to come and practice with the Varsity team. Trennon was one of the (5).  They were all pretty excited and played very well.  (Trennon has the stitch to prove that he went all out hoping to secure his spot on the team-he split his chin open during this practice and we ended up getting him stitched up friday evening with our wonderful Doctor Bryan Gallman - Thank You!).  At the end of practice the Coach informed the boys that they did not make Varisty...that he just needed them for practice because some of the boys were still wrapping up their other sports (Basketball, etc.)  So last Friday we were happy that Trennon made the JV team again and knew that he would continue to grow as he would probably be getting a lot of playing time.  So now you probably know why I almost had the 'car wreck' when he told me Tuesday of this week that he did make 'Varsity'.  Because up to this point we were happy that he was on JV.  Ok..I've probably lost some of you now but hang with me just a little longer and hopefully this will all make sense...LOL.

So...back to Tuesday of this week...I pick Trennon up..we are driving down the road..I'm calling home to ask Bromley what he wants from 'Taco Bell'...(I think when you are a teenager...there isn't any other place that exists in their vocabulary except 'Taco Bell' least in our home that is)...and Trennon very calmly says..'Oh..Mom...I made VARISTY'...I seriously almost dropped the phone, ran into the curb and screamed all at the same time...the minute Bromley heard me scream on the other end of the phone...Bromley said...uh...let me guess 'Trennon made Varisty"?...guess my kids know me.  Needless to was an exciting few minutes.

Trennon said that he asked the JV coach right before practice if Coach Grover had his 12 for Varsity.  The JV Coach said no...he's got 11 and there's one spot left.  Trennon was a little puzzled but thought just maybe it was his.  So he stepped it up one more time during practice to really show how much he wanted that spot.  At the end of practice Coach Grover called him over and said something to him like 'I like your hustle, like your enthusiasm and I've got one more sport to fill on Varsity...'How would you like to play'...Trennon was in shock...said "I would love that Coach"..he said great because it's yours.  He told Trennon that he wouldn't be hitting (because those spots are filled) but that he needed a really good 'Utility' person, passer and defender...Trennon was so excited and told the coach 'I'll play whatever position you want me to play...I just appreciate the opportunity and I'll do my best for you' here we go...

It's definitely going to be a lot of hard work and a level that Trennon is going to have to really step up too...but we know he can do it.

Way to ROCK Trennon...We are so proud of you...You are the total BOMB!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pie Time with Nanna...

OK..some of you may know this and some of you may not...but my MOM is pretty much known for her unbelievable, mouth watering, incredible Pies...yes my Mom is better than 'Marie Calendars', Sara Lee or Village Inn. Her Pies are the ultimate BEST in creativity, flaky (to die for) pastry and everything in between. The problem is - it's a 'family' secret and she is very reluctant to share it with anybody.

You see I have to give you a little background first. My parents are both from England.  My Dad came over 6 months before he called my Mom and proposed and asked her to come over to America and marry him.  (My Mom came over to America in 1958). My brother and I are the only 'American' born in our entire family. My Dad came over to fulfill his dream of being a 'Professional' Golfer and my Mom gave up her dream when she moved to the states. You see my Mom was a 'Professional' Ballerina on the 'London' stage for 9 years before she moved over here to marry my Dad. They have quite a story which I will share at another time, but to get back to the 'Pies'. Daddy and Mommy met a 'Texan' who gave them their start in the 'golf world'. Basically Dad was hired as the 'Head Golf Professional' for a 9 hole executive course in 'Coeur d' Alene, Idaho'. He built this into an 18 hole master plan community that he managed and developed for over 30 years. During the winter's Mom and Dad would come to Mesa and run the 'Apache Wells' Country Club until one day Dad was approached to build his own course. He and Mom built 'Camelot Golf Club' out in east Mesa and owned and ran it for over 25 years. This is where Mom started sharing her 'Pies'. When Camelot was first started all they had was a trailer for the clubhouse. Part of the clubhouse was a snack shop that Mom ran. She made wonderful sandwiches and pies. She would bake 10 pies a night at home and then bring them into the coffee shop and sell them by the piece for lunch to all the golfers. Well one day...she made this amazing 'Chocolate/Pear' pie that everyone who tried it wanted more. There was a Doctor who came in everyday for lunch (he loved her sandwiches too) and once he tasted the 'Chocolate/Pear' he wanted to buy the whole pie. Mom said to him...I can't sell you the whole pie because then there won't be any for the other customers. Needless to say he was not happy. The next day the Doctor came in and approached my mom and said "If I pay you for each individual piece of that pie, you can't refuse to sell it to me"...the Doctor had he paid for each piece and took the whole pie home. I asked Mom later on after she told us this story...why she just didn't make (2) Chocolate/Pear pies each night...she said it was the principal of the thing and so to teach the Doctor...she quite making the Chocolate/Pear pie. The one thing I learned early on with Mom...don't ever make Mom mad because she will always Win in the end...LOL..but seriously Mom's pies are the creme de la creme of pies.

So a few months ago...Trellany wanted to make a pie for her friend Robert as a surprise for Christmas and guess who just happened to be at the it was a perfect opportunity to learn from the best. Mom (Nanna) was gracious enough to get in the kitchen with Trellany and teach her the 'family' secret crust and help Trellany make an 'Apple Pie' that was truly to 'die for'. My Dad even got in on the action as we set him up to 'peel the apples' with the nifty apple/corer tool that I just love from 'Pampered Chef'.

Enjoy the pics that follow of 'Pie Time with Nanna'...

Nanna showing Trellany how to roll the pastry

Then you place it in the dish

gently roll the paper from the pastry

then you pinch the side to make it look pretty..:)

fill the pie with the filling...this one is Apples...yum

Nanna explaining to Trellany how to cut the apples and what kind of apples to use.

Papa loves to help...he was in charge of peeling and coring the apples

Hey...this is a pretty cool does the whole thing for you..(peels, cores and slices)

This is saving me hours of work...whoopee!!

The pie is almost full..

Wow...I did I just have to put the top crust on and bake it...hope it turns out good.
I think Robert was a little shocked...he said 'Wow' you made me a Pie?

The verdict came back a few days later...that was the best 'Apple' Pie I've ever had.  
Trellany you scored...although Robert is now preparing for his Mission and is focusing on this we are grateful and thankful for all that he did for Trellany during their 'fun' dating time.  We wish Robert all the success in the world on his mission and look forward to his safe return in 2011.

It's the B-MAN...Watch Out Shaq..

Bromley...LOVES Basketball..

The season just started and he's fortunate enough to be on Coach Dan's team with his two good friends Hayden and Brycen.  These little boys have been playing together now for 4 years and they are really learning the game, learning what it means to be on a Team and that it's not always about winning, but about being the best you can be win or lose.

Bromley plays 'Center' and 'Power Forward'...he's definitely a force to be reckoned with when he's underneath the net.  Of course it helps when you are head and shoulders above the rest of the kids but he's still got the moves and the power to get in there and rebound the ball. Bromley is a lot of fun to watch and I'm just grateful he has a good team, a great coach and awesome team mates.

Going for the shot...

Nice around him

He shoots, He scores...

He shoots, He scores...again..nice form B-Man
You Rock!! and we love you so much...:)

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