Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hair Cut

I love long hair but felt I needed a slight my amazing, fantastic, hair wizard...did a little shorter variation.

Tell me what you think....

Do you like it longer:

Here's the new shorter look...

I didn't realize how much was cut off till I looked back at these pictures...(the great thing with that it always grows back..LOL)..WOW...but all I can say is Katonna (my hair wizard) is simply amazing with color and cut..I love her to death.  She darkened it too but of course the B&W doesn't reflect the color...but I love it...thank you Katonna for always making me look good and for being my friend.  I love you girl.  You truly are amazing..:)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas Morning...

It has been tradition in my family that Christmas Morning is unique.  My parents (mainly my Mom) would never let us open presents until we had all eaten a really good breakfast. Mom always said when we were young that was the only meal she was guaranteed we'd eat because the rest of the day was spent playing with all the new toys. So to honor tradition I started it with my children when they were little (of course Mom and Dad made sure because they come and celebrate Christmas morning with us.) The other reason it works is because all of my kids are late sleepers (yes even when they were little - they never got up before 8am...I know I'm lucky......). The other tradition we have is separating the presents into piles and everyone taking their seat and we go around the circle and watch everyone open one present at a time. This always made sure we were able to see what everyone got instead of one mad rip, tear and shred and then it's over in 5 minutes and nobody knows what each other got. So after breakfast we all went into the living room and sat in our respective seats and went around the circle and watched each other open presents.

My Mom was so excited cuz she got the newest Michael Ball CD. He's a young Michael Crawford and I heard his music a few years ago (just searching for new stuff) and all I can say is WOW....what a voice and my Mom fell in love with him. So I found his brand new album on because his records are only available in needless to say she was pretty excited.

My Dad is a PGA Golf Pro and he got the Greatest Game Ever Played book and was thrilled...since he knew Eddie Lawry (the caddy that helped change the game of golf forever).

Bromley looking pretty mischievous...wonder if he's been naughty or nice...LOL.

Trennon...waiting patiently to have his turn to open a present.
Trellany and Bromley excited to get the presents started.

Look...I got new shoes...:)

My Sister's the Rocks...

My Sister knows that I only wear DC...she's the BOMB!!

Trennon & his Papa

Mamma of my all time favorite movies.
My Dad..getting his Golf Book.
My Mom LOVES, ADORES Michael Ball..

Mom and I laughing because we both got POISON...

Our friend Susan and Mom doubly spoiling her with
a genuine 'Brighton' wallet...WOW.

Susan knows we love AMC
here we come...Thank You!

My Playlist...