Sunday, September 20, 2009

Summer Fun In The Sun '09

Oceanside, California has become our tradition for 'Summer Time Fun'. This is our 7th year and all I can say is 'memories are made that will last a lifetime'. Each year we stay at NorthCoast Village or better known to the regulars as NCV. We stay in G116 which has become our home away from home and typically we always have extra kids with us (friends for Trellany, cousin for Trennon and this year Bromley was able to bring his two best buddies (who happen to be brothers which made it all the more fun). Trellany this year invited her friends but at the last minute they had to she was bummed until she found out that her friend Kaitlin Gray and her family would be at NCV. What a total blast we had. Kathy and I took the kids out for Oceanside's famous GIANT pizza. This pizza is the largest I've ever literally took up the entire table. It was so yummy.

The whole gang..Trennon, David, Bromley, Kaitlin, Trellany, Kaylee, Chelsea, , , Garrett.

The Girls...Kaitlin, Trellany, Kaylee, Chelsea

The boys...Trennon, David & Bromley

The 'GIANT PIZZA'...crazy big.

Brother, Sister - they really are close.

Bromley & Hayden - Best Friends

The whole gang...waiting to eat at 'Rock'n Baja' at the Harbor.

Brycen & Trennon...waiting to see the 'Amtrak' come flying through the train station. It's crazy and they let you stand on the platform and watch this train come zooming by and insane's hard to explain until you experience it and then it's like 'OMG...are you kidding me'.

Two of my beautiful kids...I love them!!

Kathy and I took the girls on a bike ride around town...we had so much fun.

The girls visited the San Diego temple.

Kaitlin & Trellany - and the jumping begins...

and I say..'JUMP'...and you say 'JUMP'

Shopping..'The Closet'..what girls do best.

and I said 'Jump'...and you say 'Jump'.

My baby girl, my Angel.

Tie Dye time...this is becoming a tradition whenever we go on vacation.

Lifeguards on out 'BayWatch'.

Photo shoot...these girls are adorable.

Riding Bikes...pit stop for photo op.

Hat Club...Hayden, Bromley, Kaitlin, Trennon, Brycen, Trellany

Hayden getting ready to 'Boogie Board'.

Trellany ready to 'Boogie Board'.

Bromley giving the 'thumbs up' for a great ride.

Brycen...this ROCKS!

What's up?...these waves are the 'Bomb'.

Brothers by birth...friends by choice.

Two's really good out there Mom.

'Hang girl'.

My favorite thing to do...sit on the beach, listen to the crashing waves and read a really good book.

My stud...rocking a six pack.

Trennon and Trellany doing what they love..'Volleyball'.'re so amazing..

Oh yea...VB is the Best!

I could play this forever.

Even when it's just for fun...Trennon still goes 'All Out'..which is why the coaches love him.

Cool cats.

My twin...

Photo time...Kaylee, Kaitlin and Trellany

Trennon being Mr. Cool.

The boys..Hayden, Bromley, Brycen & Trennon

Hey look's a snail. I love this shot.
My pride and joy..


Can we say 'cheese'..cute kids.

Great looking bunch..

The Studs..Bromley, Trennon, Brycen & Hayden
Strike a pose and let's get to it...

oh and did I say 'Jump'...

My 'Angel' Joy...

Doesn't get much better than this.

The models...Kaitlin, Kaylee & Trellany

Trennon John

another 'Strike a Pose'

Hayden...Mr. Summer '09

Brycen...Mr. Oceanside '09

Trennon...Mr. Baywatch '09

Seriously...sick sick ABS...

Now this is really 'Strike a Pose and let's get to it'!

From Boy to Man...

Brothers forever..Bromley and Trennon

My amazing family...I am the luckiest Mom in the world to have these three beautiful, wonderful and incredible children who are the light of my world and the love of my heart. Thank you for being mine and for blessing my life with so much good. I love you with all my heart.

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