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Colorado Hike - Young Men's Summer High Adventure

Trennon's Varisty Scout troop went on a 'High Adventure' week long hike through the Colorado Rocky Mountains. They boarded the bus Monday - July 11th at 3:00am and drove to Durango, Colorado where they entered the trail. There were 16 young men and 6 leaders. The goal was to reach the Summit that was 14,000 feet elevation. They made it to the 13,500 elevation mark and it was simply amazing.. This hike was about 35 miles through the beautiful mountains of Colorado. The stories they came home with are amazing. The first night they didn't get as far as they hoped so they set up camp about 5 miles in on the bank of the river. I'm summarizing the story for time sake (it literally took them and hour and half to tell us when they got home). Trennon started unpacking his pack while his friends were setting up their tents and getting dinner. Trennon heard an 'Oh my gosh'...and that was it so he kept unpacking. Once he was finished he stood up and looked over at his friends and they were standing there frozen. Trennon looked around and noticed there was a 'Bear' walking through the trees about 50 yards away. Trennon very casually said 'hey guys' there's a bear...the guys said 'a yea..and it walked right by was like only 10 feet from you'..Trennon was like WHAT..ARE YOU KIDDING ME...a No...didn't you hear James say 'Oh my gosh'...yea but..yea well James saw the bear said 'Oh my gosh...and DOVE into his tent and zipped it up. I guess he thought that would protect him...LOL. Anyway...the bear had some fun with the boys as it took one of the boys packs and then climbed the tree where the other food packs had been hoisted 20feet up trying to protect them. The bear was pretty smart and got away with 3 food packs to feed her and her cub. If you want to know the whole story just ask Trennon or one of the boys that was pretty scary.

At the start of the Hike...geared up and ready to attach the Mountain.

Hiking through the's beautiful.

Trennon and the front leaders...they were always way ahead of the rest of the pack.

Z-Bo - Trennon's best friend Zach. He moved to Utah last summer which has been really hard but he was able to come back and do this big 'High Adventure' hike with all his friends. Trennon was so pumped to have Zach on the trip with him.

Looking down at the river on day 2 - on the way to the summit.

The three leaders...James, Zach & Trennon. Taking a break to give the others time to catch up.

Camp set up on the river banks.

What was left over from the 'Bear'. They said it was like she took each pack and carefully used her claw and opened each pack like a can-opener and then ate the food and moved over to the next pack. I think she's done this before.

You can only see this amazing country by hiking through vehicles of any kind are allowed.

The lead crew..

on the way to the summit..

Zach and Trennon...looking a little tired.

They said because of the elevation you could only hike so far and then you would have to take a break. Due to the difficulty of the hike the lead group was about an hour and half a head of the last group. It ended up that the second group didn't make it to the point to stay on task to reach the summit so they ended up splitting up the 2nd night because they just couldn't make it.

At the top of the summit, the tree lines are gone but they found these beautiful lakes at the top. Amazing..who would have thought there would be lakes at the very top of a mountain.

On the way to the summit...the lead group went on the 3rd day to the summit as a day hike while the second group continued to make it to the 2nd day camp.

Mountain Goats were EVERYWHERE...Trennon said there were hundreds and they had little babies that were really cute but so annoying because they sounded like those 'Potted Plants' in Harry Potter that when you pulled them they screamed like crying babies. We laughed. Not to mention that whenever you go 'pee' the goats come running. It was told that they like the salt in your the boys were told to go on a rock instead of the grass but the goats would still come running. Trennon said they were so annoying...he said 'Mom it was terrible...nothing like taking a dump and having 10 goats around watching you'. We laughed so hard.

This is a great picture that depicts Trennon's point about the goats were everywhere.

A view from one of the break points as they head to the summit.

James, Trennon and Zach...almost to the top...tons of snow on the ground.

They are pretty cute (when their babies). It's also shedding season so as you can see the Mom is losing her coat.

too bad they grow up...

Trennon's the stud alongside his friends Chet, Zach and James

I guess the days were beautiful, but the nights were a little chili. So here they are warming their hands.

He's such a cutie..

Father, Son

The whole troop back together again.

Wow...we made it...waiting for the train to take them back to Silverton to come home.

It's a REAL old fashioned train...

The roaring river...

They made it back safe and injuries..and what an accomplishment. Way to go Varisty Scouts...this will be a trip you will never forget.


My how the times have changed. When I grew up there were no such thing as 'Senior Trips', now it's just one more tradition. Trellany and her 8 bestest friends planned their Senior Trip to Oxnard, California. Well they started out with the criteria that they wanted to go to the Beach. After researching several different areas in California from Mission Beach, Oceanside, Dana Point and Oxnard it came down to the almighty dollar. Then they found out that you had to be '25' to rent any week long vacation rental and so that required a 'Chaperon'. I was so lucky because they asked me to be their 'Chaperon' was truly an honor and privilege to spend a week with these beautiful, wonderful young ladies. We found a nice 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo just a few steps from the beach in Oxnard and it was wonderful.

Beach at 'Sunset'

Four of the eight (Courntey, Brianna, Cheyenne & Trellany)

First night arriving we went to 'In and Out Burger'. That was an experience in itself. We walked into this really busy 'In and Out Burger' and I'm not kidding you the restaurant was packed and when these 8 girls opened the doors to enter...the whole room stopped, went silent and looked at my girls. I knew then I was in trouble (especially since we had been travelling all day and totally were scummed out). It wasn't to soon that I looked over and one of the boys Basketball teams from Ventura had them all circled around them talking and inviting them to hang out with all of them. I thought...oh we go.
Sunday we took a day trip to 'Solvang' a quaint little town about 80 miles North near Santa Barbara. Courtney's parents told us about it. It's a little 'Dutch' town where a family came from the Netherlands in like 1920 or something and settled this beautiful town. It is built like the Netherlands, tons of little shops that feature Dutch and Swiss antiques, artwork and delicious bakeries and Dutch food. It was so much fun.
Overlooking the Santa Barbara area.
'Booty Call' - 8 bathing beauties.

The beach was beautiful, soft sand, great waves cool weather. The weird thing was that there wasn't a sole on the beach the entire week we were there. I think we may have seen 10 people the entire time and 5 of those were on Friday before we left. So the girls had a mile of beach all to themselves. They set up field lines and played 'Football', Frisbee etc.

Trellany, Kylee and Brianna entertaining themselves doing handstands.

Now let's do 'Cartwheels'...

Not sure what it is about 'Jumping' but this seems to be a necessity. I don't think we have a trip without a 'jumping' shot.

This is another 'tradition' that we've gotten into whenever we go on a vacation. 'Tie Dye'. So here the girls are making their 'Tie Dye' T-Shirts so when we go to Magic Mountain I won't loose them.
Seagulls on the beach..the girls had fun feeding them chips and crackers and then watching them fly and fight to get to the food.

Here's all of us in 'Solvang'...Someone offered to take the picture so at least I could be in one and prove that I was there with them...I joked with the person and told them I was the original 'OctoMom'...because these were my 8 - 18 year olds....heheh.

A little store in 'Solvang'. Even 'Edward' had visited.
There was a childrens store in 'Solvang' and when I walked in this adorable 'Little Piggy' was center stage of the store and it just was the cutest thing ever. So I couldn't resist snapping a picture.

Can you imagine walking around with all these beautiful girls...they really did make an entrance wherever we went. It was crazy..

Driving back to Oxnard and the girls thought it was pretty funny that there was actually a 'Santa Clause' Lane.
'RockBand' - these girls are really good.

I was so lucky - I got to go to 'Magic Mountain' with them and I actually got a picture for once with my daughter. It's a miracle.

The gates opened and the girls took off to get to X2 - it was crazy. Sneed one of their friends drove all night to join us at Magic Mountain as this would be his last crazy adventure before he left for his mission. Needless to say...I think a lot of boys were envious that here's this guy with 6 beautiful girls all to himself. It was a lot of fun.

Sneed on the beach one last time before he took off to go home.

Here we go 'Jumping' again.
What I do best...WORK...can you believe it...on vacation and I'm working...somebody HELP me.

Kylee, Diane, Trellany & Whitner - boy am I glad the beach was quiet. They are all too cute.

Now it's 'Long Boarding' time...seriously this could be an AD for 'PACSUN' or something.

There they go..cruising 'Oxnard' - Long Board style.

'Le Freak'...for one fun night they put together a dance routine to 'Le Freak' by was absolutely hysterical.
Kylee, Diane, Trellany, Brianna, Cheyenne, Whitney & Courtney

Hall pose...seriously can you get anymore wilder & crazier than this? Such wonderful memories.

The girls at their best...playing in the doesn't get any better.
Diane, Cheyenne, Trellany, Brianna, Jessica

Group Hug...they truly are the bestest friends.

Jessica, Trellany, Diane, Cheyenne, Kylee, Whitney, Courtney and Brianna
Photo fun for me to be able to take a few hours and photo shoot these girls. They are all so photogenic. The beach and landscaping were perfect for a fun photo op.
The girls...

Loving each other...well loving Trellany..

Beautiful girls.

Strike a pose and let's get to it...

and I say 'Jump'..

Someone built this awesome little of course we had to get a picture before the surf washed it away.

Row Row your boat..

Jessica, Diane, Trellany, Cheyenne, Whitney
Brianna, Courtney and Kylee

This picture truly depicts who they are to each other..I love this and will see where they are all at 10 years from now. I think a 10 year reunion would be fun.

Whitney, Trellany, Cheyenne, Diana, Jessica
Brianna, Courtney & Kylee

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