Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's Christmas Time...


Trellany came home from school the other day with her first 'GINGERBREAD HOUSE' she made completely from scratch.  She is taking a Culinary Class this year and learning a lot.  They made everything from the gingerbread cookies to assembling the house and then decorating it.  It was so cute and as usual I was a very proud Mom.


Front of the House

Back of the House

After we took the pics...she said 'Mom' I can hardly wait to eat it..this one we can all eat.  Needless to say it didn't last very long once the 'boys' got home.  Hence why I love photos to capture the moment before it's gone...LOL.

Friday, December 12, 2008


Robert & Trellany - Winter Formal '08

Well it's another year and it's Trellany's "Winter Formal"...she asked her friend Robert Skousen and they were a really cute couple.  She accented her dress with 'Red' accessories and Robert help'd complete the ensemble by wearing his 'Red' shoes too.   

There was a group dinner that was shared with 16 couples 
at one of her friends homes (thanks Letners) where they ate out on the balcony overlooking their beautiful backyard and pool.

It was then off to the dance where they danced the night away.  They then all returned to the Letners for a midnight movie and games.  Oh to be young again.  I'm just glad Trellany is having the time of her life and that her 'Senior' year is everything she was hoping it would be.  Thanks Robert for making it a special evening and for being a super sport with the 'Red' shoes.  You guys look'd grrrreeeat...!!
Brianna & Trellany...Best Friends Forever...they are seriously the cutest..:)!!    

Trellany & Tiffany...cute..:)

Erica & Trellany...awesome friends...absolutely gorgeous young ladies..!!:) 
My sweet baby girl..

Trennon & Trellany (a repeat of last year)

Two lucky brothers to have (1) Knockout Sister..

All dressed up and ready for fun..
Robert, Trellany, Brianna & MJ
(Trellany & Brianna double'd together..
What do you get when you team up 
(2) best girl-friends with 
(2) best guy-friends = 
...perfect combination for a great 'Winter Formal'.

MJ getting warm'd up to dance the night away..

Great Smiles
Amazing Fun
A Senior 'Winter Formal' that will last a lifetime of memories.

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