Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Trennon!!

It was 17 years ago that this wonderful 'baby boy' was laid in my arms. I'll never forget he arrived in about 45 minutes. I walked into the hospital, was getting set up in my room, asked if I could go to the restroom the nurse said sure. The next thing I heard was Dr. Knatz walking into the room asking 'where's Tava'...the nurse reply's she's in the restroom...'WHAT...RU're not pushing are you'...I was like uh...NO...I'm just going to the bathroom...oh o.k...well we need to get you out of there and get things going...I remember focusing on the only plant in the room during my quick labor and thinking that plant is dead...they need a new was literally 45 minutes later and three pushes and the Doctor announced that we had a 'bouncing baby boy'...8lbs. 2oz born at 4:37am. I remember like it was yesterday. I was grateful that my labor was so quick but it soon became 'Trennon's' trademark...he never sat still, always running around and 17 years later...he's still got us all trying to keep up. Although he gave us a good run during his early childhood He's an absolutely AMAZING son. Hard working, dedicated to always doing his best, is constantly striving to be the best at whatever he sets his mind too, has a body of steel and I truly believe he will one day be a 'legend' as he says...'Hero's are remembered...but Legends never die' here's to my 'Legend' on his special Birthday.

Happy Birthday...sweetheart....Know how much we love you and how proud we are that you're our TRENNON JOHN!!

This kids seriously ROCKS on the VB court.

Doesn't get much better than this!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

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