Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Trennon!!

It was 16 years ago today that this handsome young man came into my life.  I entered the labor & delivery room around 3:00am and told the nurse I needed to go to the restroom.  Everything was fine until the Doctor walked in the room and asked 'Where's Tava'...the nurse politely said oh she's in the restroom...the Doctor freaked out and started asking me if I was o.k., that I wasn't pushing (I guess she was afraid I would have him in the toilet...LOL) I calmly said 'I'm fine'...she then said well we need to get you out of there I don't want anything to happen.  So I got on the bed, they checked me out and told me it wouldn't be long.  The contractions came strong and there was this ugly almost dead plant hanging in the corner and that was my focus I remember the Doctor asking me if we knew what the baby was...I told her no because if I'm going through all this pain I want a surprise at the end...the Doctor lit up and said 'I love surprises and this will be fun'..FUN...oh glad you're having FUN!!!  No but seriously 45mins later, focusing on a half-way dead plant and 3 pushes, Trennon John entered the world.  He weighed 8lbs 2oz and I'll never forget when the Doctor announced 'It's a Boy'..I saw this neon flashing sign that said 'You're Done'.....I thought that meant because I had one girl and one boy that I was finished having children...which at the time I was like...'OK...glad that's over with'....little did I know that 4 years later Bromley would come along.  I guess the 'You're Done'...meant that Trennon was here safe and sound and that I was done with the pregnancy, but then a whole new beginning started when he came home.
Trennon has truly been a wonderful son...challenging at times (especially when he was little).  He was always so ACTIVE and into EVERYTHING...wasn't naughty or mischievious just BUSY, BUSY, BUSY.  I went through 4 babysitters before I was able to found one that understood his Busy--ness and there were times when I thought 'If he had of been my first, it would have been my last'...because you seriously could not turn your back for 1 second and he was off getting into something else.  He has since grown into a PHENOMENAL Young Man who is truly the 'love of my life'.  He is kind, loving, driven, great student, self-motivated and my list could go on and on. 

I know that he will achieve all that he sets his mind too.  He is a GREAT, GREAT kid and all I can say is 'I'm so glad he's mine'.  I love you and hope your 16th Birthday is everything that you want it to be.

Happy Birthday Sweetheart...I Love You More than you will ever know!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tucson Volleyball Tournament

Heading down on the bus...everyone is crashed.

The 'Team' getting ready to wake up Trellany 
(She's one of the 'Stat' girls) - Can we say 'iPod'
overload too...LOL.
'Park', 'Henney' & Diane (Trell's partner in crime for 'Stats')

Trennon doing what he does best - iPod junkie...

Last weekend we went to Tucson to watch Trennon and the Boys Volleyball play in their tournament.  It was a two day tournament and there were 28 teams from the valley, tucson and vegas.  The 'Gilbert Tigers' came home with a straight 'Sweep'...they never lost an entire game and came home the total Champions.  It was AWESOME.

Spring Break '09 - Utah

Trellany & Brianna - Visit 'Brighton'

"Snow Bunnies"

Powder Mountain - Cute Girls

Cute Girls

Trellany went to Utah for ‘Spring Break – Snowboarding’ with one of her best friends ‘Brianna Carter and her family’. Thank you to the ‘Carters’ for taking her….she had a blast. At the end of the week they decided to leave Friday night and drive all night so they could get home on Saturday. They drove through Las Vegas so as to avoid the ‘Deer’. They decided to stop in Vegas and see if they could find an ‘All You Can Eat Buffett’. Of course it was 4:00am.

When they pulled in to Vegas Trellany was sleeping and the lights on the strip woke her up and she was like wow…this is so bright…she was amazed at how bright the strip was.

Trellany visits Las Vegas & The Joy of Innocence:

Here is her recount of Vegas:

It’s 4am in the morning and I’m astounding that there are people everywhere. They are walking down the strip and it’s totally disgusting. We are trying to find an ‘All You Can Eat’ Buffet. We are walking in 2’s and these Mexican drunks are saying ‘oh there’s our dates’…I then realize they are pointing to us…then these other 2 guys say ‘we’ll protect you’..I’m like we don’t even know you…it was so scary…everyone was just drunk. Jake (Bri’s cousin) who’s 12 was approached by some guy who was drunk and they asked him if this was his first time to Vegas…Jake was like yea..I’m 12 man. We kept walking around the casino trying to find the ‘Buffet’ and everyone kept staring at us because of the way we were all dressed (we were basically in our PJ’s travelling clothes). I was wearing ‘basketball shorts’ – a big baggie t-shirt, hair tied up on top of my head with my zebra headband and the majority of the people were still dressed from the night wearing the shortest short skirts, stiletto heals and they were all drunk– I got asked by some door guy if I was going to go on a ‘run because of the way I was dressed all I could do was laugh. Vegas is so weird.

She told me that she felt is was totally sad because everyone was drunk that nobody has a life and basically it is the most disgusting place she has ever visited. She told me that she never wants to go to Vegas again.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Volleyball AD's...

Volleyball Program AD's for 2009:

The official 1st game of the season opens tomorrow for Gilbert High's Boys Volleyball Team. Needless to say we are way excited. Along with open season it's also 'Program Time'...this is where the boys sell AD's or sponsorships that are printed in a nice program book that is handed out at all the games. There are business AD's and a ton of family, friends, grandparent well wishes too.

Here's the color renditions of the AD's that will be going in this year for Trennon. He's such a 'Tiger'.

For those of you new to Volleyball or not sure what a 'Dig''s when you dive for the ball when it is almost hitting the floor and you save it with your hand and 'Dig' it out from this shot 'Trennon' made an unbelivable 'Dig' and saved the ball, popped it back into play which allowed his team to win the point. Like I said...he's a 'Tiger' and there is nothing that will stop him from giving it is all.

My Playlist...