Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Pride & Joy...

I am so blessed to have three (3) beautiful, wonderful children. They truly are the light of my life.

My first is Trellany - who is the absolute Angel of all Angel's. She is beautiful, smart, athletic and most of all has an incredible peace about her that a bright light shines within that draws everyone to her. She truly is my Angel here on earth.

My second is Trennon - WOW is all I can say...he's adorable, cute, funny, is always ready to make you smile, incredibly athletic, intelligent, and on and on. Trennon has a gift of being able to be the life of the party and loves to have FUN!!

Last but certainly NOT least is our caboose Bromley - Bromley is a wonderful loving happy go lucky little guy. Well he's NOT so little anymore..he's actually our B-Man, Bromer. He loves Basketball and Football and is becoming quite the one to reckon with when he's on the court. Bromley loves life has always got a smile on his face, a big hug for Mom when I walk in the door from work and knows that hanging with Mom is still o.k. (well at least until he turns 13).


Hello to Everyone:

I've joined the 'Bloggers' and hope I can do as well as everyone that is a part of this growing trend.

Not sure where this will take me or what route this will evolve into but for now it's going to be fun just starting this up.

I love to learn and the internet is a constant revolving cycle that continually grows and pushes us to always be a little better. So I'm excited and hope my friends will be too.

Here's to learning, growing and doing it all in a Fun atmosphere.

Love to all,

Trellany - Winter Formal '07

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