Sunday, August 17, 2008

Trellany's Senior Picture

It's hard to believe that Trellany is a senior this year. Where has the time gone. It seems like it was only yesterday that she came into this world and began her journey through life. She truly is the greatest joy in my life. I don't know why we were so blessed to have this special Angel come into our life but I know that she is that one in a million every family dreams about. She has never been any trouble and I am so proud of all that she has accomplished. She is extremely talented in so many areas and on top of it all she is truly the sweetest most kindest person you will ever meet. She always has a smile on her face and accepts the perils of life and the adversities with a true heart of a champion. She truly is one of Gods choices daughters and I thank him each and every day for allowing her to bless my life in so many ways.

Here's a little tribute to her Senior year that we had fun doing while we were in Oceanside this summer.

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