Friday, November 21, 2008

TWILIGHT - GNO Party Of The Year!!!

November 21, 2008 - 
We had the GNO - Party of the Year!!
Sandy Bell, Brooke Sampson and myself put together a Private Showing of the TWILIGHT Movie that is based on the "Twilight Series" of books by Stephanie Meyer.  We were able to gather 257 of our friends and their friends and even some of their friends and had a movie theater totally dedicated to watch the movie on opening day.  WOW...what a total riot and all the time, energy and planning that went into our Movie Party Of The Year...was a total blast. 

Trellany with her peeps....

Audrey with out Brian..LOL!!

Jodie & Tava...Wanna A Bite?

Kristin & Jordin

Now that's what I'm talking about...LOL...

The movie was AWESOME...and Edward totaly grew on you where at the end of the movie you were left wanting so much more...can hardly wait till "NEW MOON" is released...and we will have another GNO of the year!!

Thanks to all of you..:) who came to the party and helped make it such a huge success.  Here's to the next time.

PS:  Here's my web gallery link to anyone who wants to download the photos that were taken at the Party or upload your pics to share.  Just click on the link on Twilight and you will be able to view all the pics, download them or upload yours to share.  Hope you enjoy!!

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