Thursday, June 11, 2009

Masquerade - Senior Prom 2009

Senior Prom: Trellany was asked by Brian Burton to go to Senior Prom. The Theme was 'Masquerade' and oh what a fun time was had by all. They went in a big group (I believe there were (7) couples. Senior 'Ditch' day was the day before the Prom so they put together a 'Lake' trip for the day. They wakeboarded and tubed and had a ball. Then Saturday May 9th was the day for primping and getting ready. Trellany had a really good friend who let her borrow her prom dress and all I can say is THANK YOU to Megan and her parents. The dress was absolutely do not do it justice. It was a terra-cotta peach with sequins and beads and a skirt with ruffles that simply was 'to die for'. The entire back was laced up through loops and took about 15 minutes to get her in and all done up. But all I can say is Trellany was simply breathless when she was finished. Her cousin 'Shelley' was kind enough to do Courtney, Diane and Trellany's hair for the special evening and when they were all finished they all looked 'BEAUTIFUL'.

The dates came and picked them up and then they all met at Jared Stanford's home where pictures were taken and then the 'BIG' surprise came. The boys lined up a 'PARTY BUS' to escort the party to dinner and the dance. Dinner was held at the 'CHEESECAKE FACTORY' and then off to the dance. Fun was had by all and 'SENIOR PROM' went down as a 'NIGHT TO REMEMBER' and memories were made that will last a life time.

This was left at the front door asking Trellany to Prom.
A pack of 'Candy' Cigarettes and a big block of Wood. It was really cute.

Trellany getting ready to show her stuff..getting her feet buckled into the boots to 'WakeBoard'.

Here she goes..

Jessica & Markus

Brianna holding the flag..she's so cute!!

Jessica videotaping...she's the bomb!

Trellany you're ROCK!

Doesn't get much better than this.

The boys...

That's my baby girl.

The girls...

Oh..ya..Brian is 6'10"...wait until you see Prom.

Trellany & Brianna - ROCK'D the TubeWars..

Hold we go...

Here's my Princess..

Layers & Layers of was incredible.
I would say Bromley...Loves his Sister..
My baby girl...all grown up..
Three generations...My Mom, Me & Trellany - Nanna's Angel.

Putting on the was a wrap bracelet..way cool.
Trying to figure out how this thing goes on...I think Nanna had to finally step in and do her magic so it would stay.
Brian, Trellany - Jessica & Markus - WOW...they all clean up really well.
Here's where the height really comes into play...
Brian is such a good sport..he's a great guy.
The theme was 'Masquerade' so the night before all the girls were over making their masks. Pretty fun.
Now the 'Party' begins...Diane, Brianna, Trellany, Jessica & Courtney

The corsages...and friends forever.

All the boys..they went from 6'10" - 5' 6"

The contrast...tallest, shortest...

The whole group..

The girls...

Stunning Beauties..

We made this look 'Antique' as back in the good old days..

Brianna is not only one of Trellany's bestest friends but also her DANCING buddy...I think they have attended all the dances of High School together. They truly are best friends.

Gone With The Wind...

Brian playing coming down to Trell's level..funny haha!!

The 'BIG' Surprise...the 'PARTY' Bus...

Girls finding out about the 'Surprise'...

They are a little excited I would say..
Trellany giving it her (2) Thumbs Up.

Now this is the way to 'Party'...have a great time everyone and make it a 'Night' to remember.

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