Sunday, October 4, 2009

We Love The Water!

Growing up I was fortunate to have the best of both worlds. I lived in Arizona during the winter and Coeur d' Alene, Idaho in the summer. Although I went to school in fondest memories are the summers in Coeur d' Alene and spending the majority of our off time (we owned a golf course and had to work a lot) but when we weren't working we were on the lake water skiing, knee boarding and spending time at Arrowpoint where they made really great hamburgers, de-railers. It was THE place to be if you were a local, which we were since my parents owned a home and my Dad spent 6 months out of the year running the golf course.

It would only be fitting to share that love with my children, and over the past few years they have grown to love the lakes here in Arizona. It's no longer water skiing as that has been replaced with Wake Boarding and Wake Skating. Both Trellany and Trennon have become addicts and if they could spend every waking moment on the lake that's where they would choose to be. (So much like my twin brother and I).

Bromley learned just this summer how to get up on the wake board and he's now starting to really enjoy it too. The lake to me is a wonderful place to relax, enjoy and bring back all my wonderful memories of summer.

Trellany Joy

Trennon John

Bromley Kent

Here we go...

Catching some air..

Cousin David...showing how it's done.

This was an insane shot and I loved how the camera caught the action - even if it's a little blurry. I think it artistic in nature.

This kids is a natural...seriously.

Wanna play...

To watch Trellany fly across the wake, and really excel considering all of her knee injuries is just a joy for me to watch. She loves it.

Great style...

Getting ready to clear the wake

Not bad for a girl

Bromley's first time up...go B-Man

You're doing so good Bromley...whoa hoa

Annual youth water ski trip...I think we broke a record for how many we could get on a inner tube. This was crazy.

We even pulled them a ways before they all started flying off

here they's going under

omh...are you kidding me

Bromley and his friend Andrew getting ready to tube wars

Hayden and Brycen...

Brooke and Kristin kicking it with the girls

Brycen...this kid has no fear

Trennon - wake skating

There's an art to this..looking good


Sh'es our joy.

I love this shot

clearing the wake

she got some serious air

that's nuts

Trennon really catching air

he flys

clearing the wake

one last time

you go girl

hey Mom I can fly

having fun

Canyon Lake

In the midst of all the fun...this little guy decides to show up

pure happiness

that's right...uh huh.

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Dawn Thomas said...

Looks like so much fun! Glad that you get to spend quality time creating those memories that you love with your family!!!

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