Saturday, November 14, 2009

Family Fun...

We're often asked 'What do you do in the Summer'? because it's sooooo HOT in Arizona. My reply is well we're backwards from all the other places. Just like the areas that are cold, snow, wet and freezing during the winter they hibernate, we hibernate in the summer. There's only so much swimming you can do before the water heats up and then you feel like you're in a we hibernate in the summer. We love to bowl and Brunswick built a beautiful new complex just west of us with a big arcade center, 24 lanes of bowling, restaurant, bar and grill. We found a super special thanks to Trellany that allows you to bowl for 2 hours includes shoes, pitcher of soda and up to 6 people bowling. It's so much fun. So here's some fun shots of us bowling.

Trellany & Bromley testing out the driving game in the arcade waiting for our buzzer to go off to tell us our lane is ready.

She is so good with Bromley...they truly love each other. Here's she's playing the 'Hoops' game with him.

Ready, get set...

She's nice but NOT that nice when it comes to winning...she's still the competitive Diva.

Now the true competition begins...let's see who wins.

If he just isn't the cutest...always a smile on his face. You can't help but be happy when you're with Bromley.

Here I go...this really is a lot of fun.

Just doesn't get any better than these 3..

Looks like I've still got it...STRIKE...oh yea baby!

My Angel..

My Twin, My Hero...I just love this kid so much!!

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Stephanie Evans said...

Oh my gosh, you and Trennon really do look so much alike! That looks like so much fun at the bowling alley. I love getting together with the family. Even feuding siblings become best friends when they grow up. (Well, I'll speak for my family anyway- it's looks like your kids figured out how to get along even in their teen years :)

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