Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bromley's Birthday...Better Late at Posting than Never..

Bromley's Birthday - July 17, 2009. He turned 12 years old. We are normally in Oceanside, CA for his birthday and so I totally spaced posting his birthday this year because we were actually home for the first time in like 6+ years. Bromley is really into building model cars and what better way to celebrate his big day then to go to the F1 racing track and drive the race cars. He invited his buddy Jack Knight and Trellany invited her big sista Annie Wirthlin. We had a lot of fun and even Mom got in and raced the boys. We then went to his favorite restaurant 'Red Robin' had gourmet hamburgers and then back to the house to open presents. Like I said he loves building model cars so it was fitting to get him some more challenging models. I first started out with the typical cars that normally take 2 - 4 hours and Bromley is building them in less than an hour. I asked the guy at the model store to give me a more challenging car. So he gave me a Peugot that should take about 2 - 4 days. I thought great this will keep him busy for the week. Well I was wrong...he had the car built less than 4 hours. I was shocked and amazed. Way to go Bromley...You're a Rock Star. I love you and Happy Happy Birthday.

Jack, Annie, Bromley & Trellany

Bromley & Trellany

Jack and Bromley

Mom, Bromley & Trellany

One cute boy..and we love him to death

Trellany & Annie

Ready to let the racing begin...these girls are studs

Bromley waiting for the green light to start...he's so excited.

Mom getting the final instructions before the race begins.

Thumbs Up...I'm ready...let's RACE.

One more model car..

This is the 2-4 day project car that he completed less than 4 hours...crazy kid.

When there is something he is focused on...there is nothing that can take him away from completing it...he's amazing.

Here's the car almost completed...just has to put it all together and then paint it. Way to go're a Rock Star and we love you so much!

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